Many renowned ornithologists recommend feeding our native birds all through the year, for several reasons: the loss of many plants, flowers and insects, ever more agricultural monocultures, and the decline in food quality due to fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. 
By feeding year-round with our Bio-Fit feed supplement for wild birds, you can reach and support up to 50 bird species over the years. 
In spring, food deficits are compensated and the brood is supported. 
During the summer months, feeding assists in raising the young. 
In autumn, we prepare our native birds for winter, when nature often offers too little food. 
Our Bio-Fit bird feed for wild birds is made up of high-quality ingredients in organic-food quality which could even be consumed by humans. The diverse mixture can be fed to birds – whether big or small, strong or moderate beak – eating soft and regular grains. 
Thanks to the prompt bottling, we guarantee you that the feed isn’t stored overlong, thus preventing empty grains, shells and other waste products. Your feeding place, terrace or balcony will be free of waste usually relating to bird feed. 
Ingredients/composition: husked organic sunflower seeds (sunflower seed hearts), organic wheat flakes, organic barley husked, organic walnuts. 
- without husks 
- suitable for all wild bird species 
- no waste 
- diverse mixture 
- organic 
- high-energy 
- organic food quality 
- freshly bottled 
- vegan 
- re-closable transparent jar 
- knowing one isn’t feeding waste products